My newest item up for sale. The ‘Punkin’ bonnet.



  The Punkin’ bonnet – just in time for fall. This simple but stunning little piece is already very popular and I have LOTS to sell. More coming in other colors, too! This size is a newborn, but *can* be made larger!

Interested in purchasing? Check out my store.


So tell me? What is YOUR favorite time of year? 

Mine? This is it. Fall. From the  blankets of leaves – rich in golden and vibrant reds… the intoxicating aroma of wood burning, the cool, crisp air… 

freshly made apple cider, caramel apples, potato soup, pumpkins, candy corn… and a holiday practically overlooked these days. Thanksgiving. What are YOU grateful for? We take for granted so many things. Myself included. But as things worsen in this country…this world… it’s becoming ever more clear and I’m learning to truly appreciate the things that God chooses to bless myself and my family with. And even the things He chooses not to bless us with. 

Looking forward to some Turkey, apple crisp, and time with my family!

Don’t forget to sit back once in a while and appreciate what you have.  And don’t forget to check out my store! Custom orders are VERY welcome! Just shoot me an email –




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