Gardening and crocheted tops

So, this morning I was out working in my soon-to-be garden in the back yard while my daughter was playing. I need more tools, for sure! Hopefully payday I can grab at least one or two. Would make my life a LOT easier. I need mulch to go around my trees and some stones or bricks.
I’m trying to draw up a design, as well, for a garden bed I really want to create. It will go in the back right corner (back yard). I want some color!
Then there is the front yard. We have a beautiful maple in the center of the yard that needs mulch and stones around the base. Then in front of the house/windows are garden beds (on either side of the steps) that have burning bushes. (I believe… That’s what I was told, anyway, lol) I want to get some color in there, too… also digging up along our walkway. Will post photos later of the yard as is, so check back.

While we were outside, I also got a quick photograph of my daughter sporting a beautiful crocheted top I’ve made. This size is for 12mo-18mo. Can be made smaller and in any color(s).

What are you doing today?


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