Cowboy set and then some.

So a couple weeks ago, I was minding my own business on facebook…doing my thing, and came across this graphic designer who was looking to trade for some photography props. Considering the fact that I REALLY needed business cards and the works, I jumped at the offer. Let me tell you, it has been absolutely wonderful working with this woman and I adore her! lol She can be found on facebook at:
Aries 70 Studio
Be sure to tell her Joya sent you!

I am ecstatic because I just received my business cards and address labels in the mail today! She also created my header – which is also my timeline cover on facebook. She does BEAUTIFUL work and is very sweet!

What she requested from me is a cowboy and cowgirl prop set and a poncho for her 1y/o nephew. She is also receiving matching pants and bonnet set. Probably a few other surprises.

Funny story (at least to me) – I was working late one night on her chaps set and was running on about 3 hours of sleep, if that. My brain was on overload. I couldn’t get past rows 1 & 2…they weren’t coming out the way the photograph showed! lol I ripped out my little bit of work MULTIPLE times…read the darn pattern over and over…and then over again. Finally when I was about to give up for the night, I messaged someone on facebook to ask her to do this one little section and see how it turned out for her. Worked fine… WHAT ON EARTH?? Then it hit me… (Now if you don’t crochet or knit, you’ll have no clue what I’m talking about) … At the end of each row, the writer of this pattern lists how many stitches (and of each type of stitch) there are thus far. Well… at the end of this first row, it said 6sc & 12hdc. Silly me, I was crocheting an additional 6sc and 12 hdc which as a result, completely messed up the pattern. So not only did I figure out what my issue was, but I also figured out… that my butt needed to head to bed! LOL


So there are the chaps I finally finished. Matching cowboy hat and boots to come.

I also wanted to put up my little dress and diaper cover set. 😉 It’s darling and this particular set is done in the newborn size…and the yarn color is called “Neopolitan” 🙂

Isn't it sweet? :)

Isn’t it sweet? 🙂


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